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With over a decade of Health and Fitness experience Taylor Made Bodies has helped transform the lives of thousands of clients from weekend warriors to professional athletes. Health and Fitness is our passion and it is our mission to make it a part of our client’s lifestyle. 


We are a company that pushes you to your limits by focusing on strength and conditioning training, mobility and injury prevention. Through these 3 fundamental principles, our clients achieve their goals, whether they are to shred unwanted fat, put on lean muscle mass, enhance performance, reduce stress, land their dream job, or boost strength and confidence.  


TMB is a results based company and will get you the results you want.  We take the guess work out of your routine, saving you precious time and money through professional individual program design, accountability, nutritional coaching, and ongoing support throughout your journey. Now is the time to make a commitment to your health.  Choose from one of the services below and together we will achieve your goals, so that you can live your best life.


During these unprecedented times, and Covid-19 forcing shutdowns of all fitness facilities, TMB is committed to servicing you on your health and fitness goals.  Through one on one virtual personal training, TMB will be right there with you, live, taking you through a professional personalized training session, that keeps you accountable, safe, consistent and most importantly on track of achieving your personal goals, whether that’s to lose weight, increase strength, gain muscle, become more mobile, or compete at your highest level, TMB will get you there. 





Athlete recharge is an App that allows you to train on your own schedule and have instant access to the program at your fingertips to give you the results you want.

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