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Virtual personal training

During these unprecedented times, and Covid-19 forcing shutdowns of all fitness facilities, TMB is committed to servicing you on your health and fitness goals.  Through one on one virtual personal training, TMB will be right there with you, live, taking you through a professional personalized training session, that keeps you accountable, safe, consistent and most importantly on track of achieving your personal goals, whether that’s to lose weight, increase strength, gain muscle, become more mobile, or compete at your highest level, TMB will get you there. 

TMB virtual one on one personal training gives you the convenience of training right from your own living room, home gym, outdoor park, or wherever you want to leave a puddle of sweat, with minimum to no equipment, all you need is a phone, tablet or laptop and you’ll be guaranteed an interactive experience that will motivate, challenge and get you the results you’ve come to know and expect from TMB.  

Sessions are live through Zoom an easy to use video application and one hour long.  Before getting started you can sign up for a free demo, where body movements will be assessed and goals discussed. 

Keep yourself healthy and strong during these times of isolation, and sign up now for Live one on one personal training with TMB!  Together, we can do this!


6 Sessions


12 Sessions


24 Sessions


36 Sessions
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